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allergic reactions in children

Understanding and handling allergies

Did you know that allergic reactions in children range from a mild itch to full anaphylaxis? As an early childhood educator, it is useful to have an understanding of allergies, because prevention, identifying symptoms and responding effectively are all essential to protect children from allergies. Allergies and what they are An allergy is what occurs when the immune system reacts …

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sustainable practices in centres

Revisiting sustainable practices in centres

Recycling Week is coming up from November 13 – 19, with this year’s theme ‘What goes around: Why buying recycled matters’. Sustainability is really important to us and we think it should be to everyone. The Bonkers Beat programs have a focus on sustainability and showing children how to take care of the planet, as well as each other. This …

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Celebrate Easter

Celebrate Easter with Creativity, Music & Nature

Easter is fast approaching and for many centres that means lots of children getting excited about the Easter bunny visiting! If you celebrate Easter in early childhood, this blog has plenty of ideas for you. As Easter’s dates are not fixed, it can be a trickier one to keep track of. Here are the dates at a glance for you to …

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Wordpress Featured Image 3r

Good Habits Start Young – National Recycling Week

From November 7 – 13 it’s National Recycling Week – the week for paying extra attention to the way we take care of the environment by avoiding excess waste. Teaching children about the three ‘R’s and how they can take care of the world around us is essential for a healthy, sustainable future. The three ‘R’s are Reduce, Reuse and …

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short-sightedness in children - go outside

Want to prevent short-sightedness in children? Go outside

We all know that children aren’t spending as much time outdoors as they used to, but now we are beginning to see the impact on their health – most recently, their eyesight. Ground-breaking research released this month from a Queensland University of Technology study indicates that more exposure to outdoor light is crucial to reduce the epidemic of short-sightedness in …

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HappyMothers Day 1

Sustainability in 3 Steps to Help Clean Up Australia

We are all striving towards creating the ultimate learning environment for young children. But what about the bigger picture? Making sure we take care of the environment in a broader sense is crucial, as is teaching the next generation about the importance of keeping the planet healthy. Sustainability isn’t a buzzword – it’s the key to a happy, healthy future …

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Earth Day Xzto9m

Clean and Green for Earth Day and Beyond

Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and it has inspired us to talk about sustainability and environmental responsibility in early childhood settings; why it’s important and how we can do our bit. Earth Day itself is intended to raise awareness and appreciation for planet earth and our beautiful natural environment. Behind the movement is the Earth Day Network, …

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National Tree Day for a Greener Future

This week brings us National Tree Day on Sunday 27 July, offering the ultimate opportunity to get the next generation feeling inspired when it comes to nature – after all today’s children need to be educated about the importance of our land as they’ll take over as the custodians of the environment in years to come. To support National Tree …

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Screen Shot 2014 06 17 At 12.16.42 Am

Sustainability Practices & Beyond…

Earlier this month World Environment Day took place, with its major goal to increase awareness of environmental issues and encourage sustainability across the globe. World Environment Day lands on June 5 every year and is a United Nations initiative that has been embraced by many people in various countries and sees them get inspired to take positive environmental action. With …

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