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The Best Start in the New Year with the Starter Program

Do you want to start the year off right? If you’re looking for a cost-effective and practical way to get your centre on track to shine in 2018, this is it. The Bonkers Beat Starter Program is the way forward, enabling you to complete 5 modules of training for a leading holistic early childhood education program. All from the comfort …

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music program

Music and art make all the difference

We’ve said it before and we will continue to tell the world: the more we share music with children, the better off they will be! A primary school in Bradford, England was in the news last month because of the incredible turnaround in their children’s results — the key to success? All children get up to six hours of music …

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A Point of Difference to Make All the Difference

Here we are in the middle of the year, and for many centres it has been a stressful first half with increasing occupancy challenges. It was devastating to read a recent article in the Herald Sun (June 26) highlighting the struggle many centres are currently facing to stay open. While the end of financial year is a time most centres …

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early childhood education

Happy Birthday, Bonkers! – How Far We’ve Come

This month Bonkers the Monkey – the star of Bonkers Beat – is celebrating his birthday. There’s nothing quite like a birthday to reflect on life… What you’ve achieved and the goals you have for the future. Same goes for Bonkers the Monkey! Here’s a look at what Bonkers has achieved over the years, why he loves early childhood education …

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Getting screen time right for young children in 2017

Sometimes it feels as though screens are all around us. From iPads and tablets to phones, television screens to computers. Children in particular are drawn to the glow of a screen – some children can become very attached to them. While technology like these various devices can have some benefits, like facilitating certain learning experiences, the fact is we really …

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The Child’s Developing Brain

Children bring joy and laughter to our lives, there’s no doubt about it. They can also present the adults in their lives with many challenges as they grow and learn about the world around them and where they fit into it. Whether you’re a parent of a young child or you work in early childhood, there are many strategies you …

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high staff turnover in centres

Overcoming High Staff Turnover in Centres

When it comes to the first five years, we know how important this time is in a child’s development. Genetics play a role in this foundation-laying period in children’s lives, along with other influencing factors like nutrition, environment and relationships. With many children spending time in childcare centres or kindergartens during these early years, early childhood educators can have a …

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Grandparents and their impact on children’s wellness

Did you know that involving parents in children’s pre-school and school life is linked to closer bonds with children, increased resilience and overall family wellbeing? Involving grandparents is beneficial to strengthening family bonds too and further improving the wellbeing of young children. This is why each year we encourage all providers of early childhood education to fit in a day …

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first five years

How a Child’s First Five Years Can Change Everything

The research is pretty conclusive – the first five years of a child’s life are the most important. This means early childhood education could be one of the most significant factors in life when it comes to determining a child’s future. As National Youth Week approaches where we celebrate Australia’s youth aged 12-25 for a week-long initiative (April 8-17, 2016), …

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Learn From The Past To Build Your Future 2

Reflections and Resolutions

There’s nothing quite like a brand new year to start something new, set some resolutions and plan for success! Let’s not rush in too quickly though – first we should reflect on the year that was. Here’s a video of the highlights of 2015 for the Bonkers Beat team: While we note down those highlights as elements of 2015 that we’d …

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