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allergic reactions in children

Understanding and handling allergies

Did you know that allergic reactions in children range from a mild itch to full anaphylaxis? As an early childhood educator, it is useful to have an understanding of allergies, because prevention, identifying symptoms and responding effectively are all essential to protect children from allergies. Allergies and what they are An allergy is what occurs when the immune system reacts …

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creating collaborative partnerships

Creating collaborative partnerships with parents and communities

They say it takes a village, and we tend to agree. When it comes to raising children and providing a well-rounded childhood, parents, families, friends, early childhood educators and communities all play a role. To get the very best out of your village, working together and creating collaborative partnerships is a must. The National Quality Standard emphasises the power of collaborative …

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celebrate National Children's Week

Celebrate National Children’s Week

Celebrate National Children’s Week 2017 as it takes place from October 21 – 29, drawing our attention to children’s rights, talents and citizenship. The rights of the child are something that we are passionate about – you may have noticed our children’s rights posts on social media. To celebrate National Children’s Week is to simply acknowledge children within our communities and …

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How much sleep do children need

How much sleep do children really need?

How much sleep do children need to play, learn and grow? It’s often underestimated. Most experts agree on the following: Toddlers (aged 1 to 3 years): From 10 – 13 hours, which includes a day nap of 1 – 3 hours. Young toddlers may still take two naps but late afternoon should be avoided to avoid difficulties getting to sleep …

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Wordpress Featured Image Mother

6 Ways to Make Mums Feel Special this Mother’s Day

It’s almost that special day in May that we all celebrate mums and mother figures in children’s lives! Making sure mums feel special this Mother’s Day on Sunday 8 May is easy with these six ways. 1. Create something to treasure Many mums like jewellery, so why not make a real craft activity out of it and help children to …

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short-sightedness in children - go outside

Want to prevent short-sightedness in children? Go outside

We all know that children aren’t spending as much time outdoors as they used to, but now we are beginning to see the impact on their health – most recently, their eyesight. Ground-breaking research released this month from a Queensland University of Technology study indicates that more exposure to outdoor light is crucial to reduce the epidemic of short-sightedness in …

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What’s Cooking for the Holidays?

Children love to be involved and entertained during the school holidays and cooking is a great way to do this. It is not often we blog about food but we feel very strongly that children should be involved in preparing meals and eating them as a family where possible. Of course, healthy meals are important, however as a treat a …

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Yoga For Meditation

The Merits of Meditation

This week our article was published in the Mornington Peninsula Kids Magazine.  Meditation is a topic, which we feel is very important.  If children start meditating early, their brains and intellectual capacity tend to develop rapidly. They also stand to benefit emotionally, psychologically and physically. Meditation is an excellent way to unwind after an eventful day. Life can at times …

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RE Image

Celebrating Landscapes of Imagination

Last week Melbourne welcomed more than 1100 early childhood educators and professionals from all over the country. During the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange (REAIE) event we had the distinct pleasure of receiving presentations from some of the most influential experts in Italy. This conference was a true celebration; an exchange of knowledge, passion, and a powerful message for childhood …

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Sf Children In Field With Magnifying Glass


We read some astounding research recently that found that many children today have not splashed in puddles, stomped in mud or been on a picnic. In fact, this research even said that only 44% of children went on bike rides with family. How often do you see children flying kites these days? Today’s children are opting to stay indoors with …

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