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We’re in the Top 100 Early Childhood Education blogs!

Early childhood education is what we dedicate our time to – our spare time, our working time and well, all our time! Most weeks of the year we take the time to put together an email and blog to our followers offering them valuable and useful information about all aspects of early childhood education including industry, theory and the day-to-day …

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The Path to Higher Academic Performance in Australian Schools

The question of children being school-ready is something that many parents may be thinking about at the moment, as the end of the year fast approaches and school enrolments are in full swing. Many parents are confused about what age is the right age for their children to begin formal schooling in a primary school setting and it’s not surprising …

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Fathers Day Drawing

5 Ways to Approach Father’s Day With Care

Father’s Day is a brilliant way of celebrating dads and all that they bring to our lives. Everywhere we look in shopping centres in the lead up to Sunday 7 September this year, promotional material encourages us to show dad how much we care and to spoil him, and it is around this time that early childhood educators organise our …

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Multiple Intelleigences

Engaging Multiple Intelligences

When it comes to education at any level, we often see great emphasis placed on two areas of intelligence – verbal or English and maths. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests and many academic tests predominantly measure aptitude in these areas. While we believe in the importance of these areas, we are also passionate about the idea of each person having multiple …

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Sleep Well, Play Well, Learn Well

Most experts agree that children between 5 and 12 need about 10 hours, even 11 hours of sleep per night – children under 5 should be aiming for 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night as well as a nap or at the very least some quality rest time during the day. As much as we tend to realise …

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Sustainability Practices & Beyond…

Earlier this month World Environment Day took place, with its major goal to increase awareness of environmental issues and encourage sustainability across the globe. World Environment Day lands on June 5 every year and is a United Nations initiative that has been embraced by many people in various countries and sees them get inspired to take positive environmental action. With …

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