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christmas in childcare

New ways to get festive this Christmas

In the lead up to Christmas, we are often all looking for new ways to celebrate. Christmas in childcare is an exciting time – after all, no one anticipates the arrival of Christmas morning quite like young children! As early childhood educators, we get to contribute to that excitement and can help them create something special to share with their families. If you’re looking …

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The Benefits and Beauty of Bush Kinders

There’s something so special about children enjoying nature. And while we love to see children enjoying the summer sun, seeing them pull on some gumboots to splash in puddles and explore soggy wetlands is fantastic. Early childhood education has many approaches, each with its own benefits and advocates. We are all continually developing and adapting, and that goes for educators …

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This is it: 12 months of opportunity has begun

Welcome to 2017! A new year is upon us with 12 months of amazing opportunities for success and happiness for us all. Like many, you may have made some resolutions entering the new year…  These can come in many shapes and forms – quit a bad habit, eat healthier food, do more exercise, visit friends more often… Did you know …

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Staying healthy in winter

Winter has arrived and this often means the beginning of colds, flus and other bugs. Parents and early childhood educators would have to agree that children and colds are not a good mix! Let’s look at how to avoid illness this winter, how to prevent it spreading and how best to treat viruses if they do sneak in. Preventing colds …

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Learn, Respect and Celebrate – NAIDOC Week 2015

In 2015 the National NAIDOC theme is We All Stand on Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate. Taking place from July 5-12, 2015, NAIDOC Week, as always, presents educators across the country with the opportunity to discuss and celebrate Australia’s rich indigenous culture. If you haven’t celebrated NAIDOC Week before, NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance …

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Children Reading 11

Reaping the Rewards of Reading

We all have a book from our childhood that has special significance, perhaps even several that we treasure and love to revisit even now. The joy of stories and reading is something that Bonkers Beat truly believes in and this is why we are so excited to celebrate Book Week 2014. The obvious benefit of reading to and with children …

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Early Childhood Conference of the Performing Arts 2014

Based on the theme of ‘Learning Through Musical Play’, the 19th Early Childhood Conference of the Performing Arts takes place in Victoria this weekend, presented by the Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association. As you can imagine, this conference is something that the Bonkers Beat team is passionate about and we are proud to announce that Galina Zenin will be among the …

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Growing Through Emotional Intelligence

Children’s imaginations are racing every day as their various types of intelligence are developed and they continue to learn new things. One particularly crucial area that they are experimenting with and learning about is emotions. Emotional intelligence and awareness are very important skills for becoming a confident, resilient adult. The Victorian government’s education website identifies the set of skills involved …

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Multiple Intelleigences

Engaging Multiple Intelligences

When it comes to education at any level, we often see great emphasis placed on two areas of intelligence – verbal or English and maths. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests and many academic tests predominantly measure aptitude in these areas. While we believe in the importance of these areas, we are also passionate about the idea of each person having multiple …

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Grandparents & Special Friends Day Celebrations

With Mothers Day in May and Fathers Day in September, at Bonkers Beat we have always found July to be the perfect time to host Grandparents Day. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren can be varied – some are very close and play a huge role in children’s every day lives, while others may not be as close and …

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