Conferences & Workshops

Galina from Bonkers Beat speaks & presents at international conferences around the world.

  • Early Years Exhibition and Conference in Sydney 2012

Storytelling and Music Making with Early Childhood Educators

Singing and dancing to the Bonkers Beat with Galina at the EYEC Sydney 2012

Following the Child through Musical Play with Galina from Bonkers Beat

Bonkers the Monkey is meeting new friends - Declan and Rusty the Dog

Educators are learning about Bonkers Beat Music at the Early Years Expo and Conference 2012

Learning from Bonkers the Monkey at the Conference for Early Childhood in Sydney

Waiting for Follow the Child through Musical Play Session

Congratulations to CCCAV!

Teaching educators the value of music in early childhood learning

Galina Zenin from Bonkers Beat at 2012 EYEC Melbourne

Active learning through transitional songs

Educators learning through dance and music

Galina Zenin presenting on music and dance for early childhood learning at ECE 2012

Galina Zenin demonstrating actions for music

Galina stretching out to the music at DEECD 2011

Getting educators involved in wellbeing activities at DEECD 2011

Galina Zenin about to present Bonkers Beat Music Program

Everybody moving with Galina Zenin at ELC 2010

Educators group photo from ELC 2010

Educators training session in Bonkers Beat programs

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