Programs Overview

Bonkers Beat® Music & Wellbeing Programs are available for kindergartens, child care centres and schools.

Teaching Kits include a teacher’s manual, CD, song book, worksheets, coloured pictures and teaching materials to make learning fun and easy.

Bonkers Beat® Music & Wellbeing Programs help you to achieve the National Quality Standard (NQS) in your centre.

They help you to save money, give you a sound point of difference and market advantage, but most importantly will help you to achieve better outcomes for children and a higher standard of service.

The Bonkers Beat® philosophy, partnership with families, traditional and original material, clear curriculum structure, inclusion and support of gifted children, children with ASD (autistic) children or children with special needs makes this program unique and ensures consistency in lesson quality and the best learning outcomes. The teacher’s manuals, CD’s, song book, worksheets, coloured cards, pictures and teaching materials make teaching fun and easy.

As the result of new changes in early childhood, we cannot rely any more on a “Music, Dance or Yoga Specialist” to come into the centre or kindergarten once a week for 30 minutes and deliver a program to a small group of children. We believe that all teaching staff can become confident and deliver music & wellbeing programs to EVERY CHILD… EVERY DAY!

Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework

Belonging, Being & Becoming

Australia’s first national Early Years Learning Framework was developed by the Council of Australian Governments in 2009.

“The aim of this document is to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school.”  1

“The framework draws on international evidence that early childhood is a vital period in children’s learning and development.”   2

It also states that: “All children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”. 3

Every child is the core of the framework, which comprises three elements:

  • Principles
  • Practice &
  • Learning Outcomes

All three elements are fundamental to early childhood pedagogy and curriculum decision-making.

Curriculum encompasses all the interactions, experiences, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development.

1, 2 Belonging, Being & Becoming The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, p. 5

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What is the Bonkers Beat Curriculum?

“…I believe that Music & Wellbeing are valuable foundations for children’s learning. However, to achieve the best outcomes of the Bonkers Beat® Program every educator needs to remember that the main focus of music is not to play an instrument in a band or to sing in an opera.  The main purpose of teaching music is to enrich the whole child, develop their cognitive abilities, increase their learning capacity and enhance the quality of their life. The main focus of the Bonkers Beat Program is the CHILD!” – Galina Zenin

The Bonkers Beat Program and its curriculum aim to develop a strong sense of wellbeing and health, to develop confident and active learners, to create effective communicators, to support creativity through activities such as music and movement, art and craft, languages, and to develop every child’s fine and gross motor skills.

The new concept of the whole program allows a close partnership with families and the community.

  “…Since starting at Bonkers Beat Kindergarten, I have noticed a marked improvement in the behaviour and development of my son Noah. I believe this is a result of the stimulation he receives through the Bonkers Beat® Music Program and relaxed Kinder environment that Bonkers offers.” – Leanne Roberts, Brighton

The Transition to School

“The transition to school is not a point in time. It is an individual experience for everyone involved.” 11

The Bonkers Beat® Program features music as an integral part in all lessons, including physical movement, languages, literacy and numeracy, using the highly-regarded teaching approach of Kodaly and Orff. The main focus on learning, well-being and enhancing every child’s development allows all

“Many children will be eager to experience “school” activities, such as reading, writing, and working with numbers and mathematical ideas. Literacy and numeracy capabilities are important aspects of communication and are vital for successful learning across the curriculum.” 13

All children develop at different rates. However, in the age between four and five years there are some skills that are especially important for every child’s self-esteem and learning. For example:

  • Being able to speak clearly
  • Asking complex questions
  • Holding a pencil in a mature grip using a preferred hand
  • Using hands and fingers skilfully
  • Improving drawing skills and learning to write some numbers and letters
  • Understanding the meaning of numbers
  • Developing relationships with friends and family
  • Showing independence but may become frustrated when tired, angry or embarrassed
  • Showing confidence, increasing skill and speed in physical abilities
  • Having extended conversations14

Bonkers Beat Curriculum Philosophy acknowledges the importance of a smooth transition from kinder to school and helps children prepare for this big change in life.

“…Josh’s transition year at Bonkers Beat was just what he needed to keep stimulated and boost his confidence for prep.”  – Dr. Kyla J. Finlay Research Scientist

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14 Welcome to Early Childhood Services A Parent’s Guide to Early Childhood Services in Victoria for 2010, p.10

So… Today, we would like to invite YOU on a magical journey where every child will play, learn and grow with Bonkers. He is a very smart and cheeky monkey who loves adventures and music the most!

It is an exciting and important journey!

Just remember, that the First 5 years of every child’s life ARE THE MOST CRUCIAL and MUSIC is the key to unlock the door and help every children to reach his/ her full potential.

Music is Powerful! Music is Magic!

If YOU are a parent or an educator who wants to help every child to develop their social and emotional skills, to build up co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, to improve concentration, focus, memory, language and speech, to become more confident and love learning and to be ready for school, find out more about the Bonkers Beat® Music Program, Bonkers Gym® Wellbeing Program, our “Sing & Play” group, Bonkers Beat Music Kinder or join our “Sing & Stretch” Club. Phone 1300 022 328

What Others Say About Bonkers Beat Programs

“…When Galina approached me with the Bonkers Beat Music Program, I was immediately impressed with the range of topics covered in the songs. The manual layout was very easy to follow. Her support, advice and training also enabled me to feel confident and comfortable about holding the music sessions on my own.

The feedback from the children and parents has been fantastic. The children love having the opportunity to learn to use instruments, feel the beat, sing and move to the songs. During the last few months I have seen great changes in the confidence levels of my children. The parents are telling me that their children are singing so much more at home and sharing their new found knowledge with them.

I believe that a good music program, such as Bonkers Beat, helps children development in many areas, particularly their language, and math’s skills along with their concentration and social skills.

I would highly recommend this program to other teachers. Remember you don’t have to be a musician to use this program. You just have to enjoy music and love to sing and be with children.”Nina Lucas, Director / 4yo Teacher, Bentleigh West Kindergarten

…Inspirational – really great! Love to learn more and practise with childrenJan Dansey, XMCA East Keilor

…Truly inspirational, creative and fun…Jane Parker, Little Assets ELC

…Bonkers Beat Music is a universal language which all children and their families can enjoy.Danielle Allen, Former Director, ABC Forest Hill

…Wow! Where can I start… It was awesome, great, fantastic and I just wanted to keep listening and learning. What you do, Galina, is very amazing, exciting and extraordinary! I love music and movement and I want to really impact this on to the children. I love it! I want more!!! Please… Iva Lio, Kids Station Universal Childcare

…Your energy is contagious and you provided by far the best professional development session! Thank you, Galina for sharing your knowledge and love of music! Kirsten Agius, St Andrews Sunbury Kindergarten

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