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Multiple Intelleigences

Engaging Multiple Intelligences

When it comes to education at any level, we often see great emphasis placed on two areas of intelligence – verbal or English and maths. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests and many academic tests predominantly measure aptitude in these areas. While we believe in the importance of these areas, we are also passionate about the idea of each person having multiple …

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National Tree Day for a Greener Future

This week brings us National Tree Day on Sunday 27 July, offering the ultimate opportunity to get the next generation feeling inspired when it comes to nature – after all today’s children need to be educated about the importance of our land as they’ll take over as the custodians of the environment in years to come. To support National Tree …

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Grandparents & Special Friends Day Celebrations

With Mothers Day in May and Fathers Day in September, at Bonkers Beat we have always found July to be the perfect time to host Grandparents Day. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren can be varied – some are very close and play a huge role in children’s every day lives, while others may not be as close and …

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Poster 2014

Celebrating NAIDOC Week

It’s a special time around July each year when we celebrate NAIDOC Week around Australia – NAIDOC originally stood for ‘National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee’, who would organise the events for this week of celebration but has since become the name of the week itself. From July 6-13, 2014 all Australians come together to take part in activities …

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The Magic of Music

  It’s no secret that the Bonkers Beat team is passionate about music and the magic it can bring to children’s lives, but our belief in music as a part of early childhood education is based on science just as much as it is on enjoyment. There is a huge amount of studies that indicate the benefits of music – …

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Sleep Well, Play Well, Learn Well

Most experts agree that children between 5 and 12 need about 10 hours, even 11 hours of sleep per night – children under 5 should be aiming for 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night as well as a nap or at the very least some quality rest time during the day. As much as we tend to realise …

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Sustainability Practices & Beyond…

Earlier this month World Environment Day took place, with its major goal to increase awareness of environmental issues and encourage sustainability across the globe. World Environment Day lands on June 5 every year and is a United Nations initiative that has been embraced by many people in various countries and sees them get inspired to take positive environmental action. With …

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The Merits of Meditation

Anxiety and mild depression are becoming increasingly prominent in adults as time goes by, and even more concerning is the rise of anxiety and depression in children and teens. Anxiety has even been referred to as the disease of the 21st century and there are many things that could be attributed to the increasing number of children and teens suffering …

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Family Outside Nature

Get Back to Nature

We often complain that weekends aren’t long enough so when a long weekend comes along, it’s worth making the most of it especially if means extra time with children. This weekend is the Queen’s birthday long weekend, June 7 – 9. As it arrives just as winter begins to set in why not take the opportunity to get close to …

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Transitional Songs to Make Your Day

“…Research has shown that children who struggle with rhymes will more than likely later struggle with reading.” The above statement alone is enough reason for us to consider how we can use songs in children’s day-to-day lives. Although there are countless benefits to songs, rhymes and poems for children, it can often be difficult to find a way to incorporate …

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