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celebrating Father's Day in early childhood

A Special Day for Dads – Celebrating Father’s Day in Early Childhood

There’s no doubt that fathers play a special role in children’s lives. In fact, today’s dads are more involved with bringing up their children and children have stronger bonds with their fathers than in previous generations. With more dads making the time to have quality engagement with their children, celebrating fathers in early childhood education, from childcare centres through to …

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Why Children Should Read More

Let’s Get Reading For Life

Reading books is a favourite hobby for many, children and adults alike! Books can be great for learning, for escaping, for relaxing and just for fun. More that this, books help young children to build vital literacy skills that will provide them with benefits throughout their lives. Children’s Book Week takes place from August 20 – 26 in 2016 and …

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professional development to your entire team

A day of professional development for your ENTIRE team

Each and every centre running the Bonkers Beat Music and Wellbeing programs gets the opportunity to attend two exclusive Wellness Summits each year. The Wellness Summits take place in summer and winter, plus we run them in each state so no one misses out or has to travel interstate. Professional development delivered to your entire team It’s not just the management …

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Wordpress Featured Image Olympics 1

Your Guide to Celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

As we all know, the Olympics only comes around once every four years so it can be a novel event to celebrate in centres – not to mention a lot of fun! The Rio 2016 Olympic Games take place from August 5 – 21. The Olympic Games provide early childhood educators (as well as educators at all levels) the opportunity …

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high staff turnover in centres

Overcoming High Staff Turnover in Centres

When it comes to the first five years, we know how important this time is in a child’s development. Genetics play a role in this foundation-laying period in children’s lives, along with other influencing factors like nutrition, environment and relationships. With many children spending time in childcare centres or kindergartens during these early years, early childhood educators can have a …

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challenges in early childhood education

Revealed: The Top 3 Challenges Faced by Early Childhood Educators

On July 12 the very first Wellness Works: The Complete Early Childhood Leaders Conference took place in Melbourne… And what a fantastic success it was! In the lead up to the Melbourne event, we did some research to find out exactly what challenges in early childhood education were coming up for educators, leaders, managers and owners working in the field. The reason for this …

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Wordpress Featured Image Grandparents

Grandparents and their impact on children’s wellness

Did you know that involving parents in children’s pre-school and school life is linked to closer bonds with children, increased resilience and overall family wellbeing? Involving grandparents is beneficial to strengthening family bonds too and further improving the wellbeing of young children. This is why each year we encourage all providers of early childhood education to fit in a day …

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Wordpress Featured Image Local Kinder 1

The Journey of a Small Local Kinder

Choosing the right childcare centre, kindergarten or school is one of the most challenging decisions parents have to make. It’s clear that many parents have an idea of what sort of program or approach to early childhood education they prefer… So how can our philosophy, values and early childhood curriculum suit everyone? As early childhood educators, we want to deliver …

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wellness in early childhood

WHY Wellness REALLY Works

“Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential. Wellness is multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual wellbeing, and the environment. Wellness is positive and affirming.” National Wellness Institute We all want to be the best version of ourselves possible. And we want the children in our care to reach their full potential too. Working towards wellness is the …

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early childhood education training

Don’t Wait For Change – CREATE Change

Too often we spend time waiting and hoping for change. This applies to life in general, but today we are specifically referring to early childhood education providers. You might have recently read our blog about leadership and how important it is to have leaders who are inspiring. With this in mind, many managers, owners, directors and educational leaders have asked …

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